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For a thicker sauce stir in one teaspoon of corn flour mixed with a bit of water.


3 tbsp olive oil
600 g chicken breasts, cut into fingers
2 cloves garlic, crushed
200 g frozen peas
200 ml passata
1 tbsp Vegeta chicken stock powder
100 ml white wine
black ground pepper
1 tbsp parsley, chopped
500 ml water
500 g gnocchi

We used

Vegeta Stock Powder

Vegeta Stock Powder

Preparation For this recipe you only need imagination!

Medium complexity 4 Persons 25 min

  • 1 Heat oil in a pan and fry the chicken.
  • 2 Add garlic, frozen peas and fry briefly, then top with passata.
  • 3 Season with one tablespoon of Vegeta Chicken stock, add wine and cook on low heat for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • 4 Season with salt and pepper to taste, sprinkle with parsley and serve.
  • 5 To cook the gnocchi bring water to boil, add salt and cook the gnocchi. When they rise to the surface scoop them out.


Serve the chicken fingers with potato gnocchi and shaved parmesan.