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Vegeta Hot Chips Seasoning

Shake and Season with a dose of nature

Vegeta Hot Chips Seasoning

• BBQ •

Who doesn’t love potatoes, either as chips or oven baked? Especially the extra crispy, delicious kind.

Vegeta Hot Chips Seasoning, in just one sprinkle, turns a simple potato into a meal.

Give it a sprinkle!

Vegeta Hot Chips seasoning is the all natural choice, veggie packed and completed with finest herbs and spices.

Easily applies to all potatoes, roast, boiled, mashed and of course chips.

  • Gluten free, Lactose Free
  • No added MSG and no preservatives
  • All Natural ingredients


  • Sprinkle on potatoes or veggies, after roasting or frying
  • Sprinkle on fresh potatoes before baking
  • Adjust the amount used, according to your taste

The contents of the shaker is sufficient for 10kg of potatoes

Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place.
Shelf life: 18 months.
Packaging: 150g shaker


Salt, dried carrot, dried onion, mild paprika, caraway, turmeric, garlic, dried celery, rosemary, black pepper, coriander, chilli, dried tomato, dried parsley leaf.

Nutritional values

Energetic values and nutrients per 100g of product

Energy value

609 kJ


2.01 g


20.1 g


5.28 g

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