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Traditionally excellent veal will be hard to recognise in this recipe due to the new twist. What makes this meal irresistible is the combination of veal with wine, garlic and fresh basil. The role of vegetables and cheese is to provide the wholesome taste.


600 g veal steaks (4 pieces)
1 tablespoon Vegeta Beef Stock Powder
80 ml cooking oil
2 tablespoons flour
300 g Swiss chard
180 g Swiss cheese, slices
cooking oil
3 tablespoons olive oil
400 g tomato, canned, whole tomatoes
2 garlic cloves, chopped
100 ml tomato, canned, puree
1 teaspoon sugar
50 ml white wine
80 ml water
1 tablespooon fresh basil, finely chopped
1 teaspoon Vegeta Beef Stock Powder

Preparation For this recipe you only need imagination!

Medium complexity 4 Persons60 min

  • 1 Tenderise the veal steaks using a mallet. Sprinkle them with Vegeta Beef Stock Powder and coat with flour.
  • 2 In a pan heat up the oil and cook veal steaks, each side around 10 minutes, until they become golden yellow in colour. Put steaks on a plate and cover to keep warm.
  • 3 Cook the Swiss chard in boiling salted water briefly, drain and chop into pieces.
  • 4 Sauce: In a deeper pan heat up olive oil. Braise the whole tomatoes for few minutes, then add garlic, tomato puree, Vegeta Beef Stock Powder, sugar, water and wine. Stew for 15 minutes. At the end add basil.
  • 5 Add veal steaks to the sauce, cover with cooked Swiss chard, and place cheese slices on top. Cover and cook another 10 minutes for cheese to melt.


This recipe is equally tasty when prepared using turkey fillets.


Serve with cooked rice.

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