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In Slovakia potatoes are not served merely as chips or mash, you can find them in tasty and indigenous soups or as dumplings with meat stuffing.


1 kg potatoes, cleaned and grinded finely
200 g plain flour
100 ml sparkling water
100 ml milk
2 eggs, mixed
250 g sliced ham, cut in strips
2 cloves of garlic, crushed
ground pepper
1 teaspoon parsley, chopped
Oil or butter for frying
1 tablespoon Vegeta Gourmet Stock Powder

Preparation For this recipe you only need imagination!

Medium complexity 4 Persons40 min

  • 1 Combine potatoes, flour, milk and ham in a bowl
  • 2 Then add egg mixture, pinch of salt, pepper, parsley, garlic and Vegeta Gourmet Stock Powder to a bowl and mix.
  • 3 Finally add sparkling water.
  • 4 Heat a small amount of oil in a saucepan and spread evenly, the mixture formed as pancakes. Fry each pancake on both sides until golden.


For better results:
1. melt a knob of butter
2. grease the pan prior to frying each pancake


You can serve these potato pancakes – “placke” – with various salads or sour cabbage in winter time.

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