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Carefully selected ingredients in our products pass through a strict quality control process – from the moment they enter the production to the moment they are packaged.


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Quality and food

Our main objective is to produce high-quality products, meeting health and safety regulations, on the basis of good production practices and the principles of food quality and safety management.

This is based on norms, regulations and principles in line with Podravka's system of quality and food safety management, as well as on the continuous education of employees. The quality control process begins with the control of the ingredients in line with the existing Croatian and EU legislation, as well as the legislation of the countries Podravka exports its products to. The unprocessed ingredients pass through several levels of control that involve the checking of documentation, inspection conducted by the relevant inspection bodies, as well as the analytical check in Quality Control laboratories, both at Podravka and at accredited third-party laboratories. The verification of all stages of production continues through the control of semi-finished products and finished products before they are shipped to the market.

Tradition of over
60 years


As a result of the quality, of innovations in production, the products, communication and though following the latest nutrition trends, Vegeta is recognised worldwide, on all 5 continents.

Vegeta has won and keeps on winning the hearts of users by listening to their dietary needs and preferences, and in doing so it has also adapted to individual national cuisines.

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