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Personal information. Personal information is any information referring to an identified person, i.e. a person that can be directly or indirectly identified (with data such as name, last name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and so on).

Purpose of collecting. We collect personal information with the purpose of improving the contents, functionalities and services at in order to satisfy your interests and needs, to inform you of new and existing contents, functionalities and services at that might interest you, and introduce our products and services, and those of our related companies and partners.

Information we process. Accessing is free and no registration is required. You can apply for receiving newsletters, participate in prize winning games and competitions, and so on. Giving away personal information is voluntary. We do not process any more of your information than it is really necessary for your participation in some activity on our site. At the moment of your application submission we can process the following personal information: first name, last name, e-mail, address, suburb, post code and phone number. You can enter additional personal information if you choose to.

You can decline receiving promotional e-mails (newsletters, news alerts...) by sending a notice to our Editorship at or you can discontinue this functionality yourself, as it is offered to you in promotional e-mail.

Obligatory personal information collected upon registering for receiving newsletters, for participating in prize winning games and competitions, will not be visible to other users of Applying to you expressly agree that the personal information you have entered be processed with the purpose and in the manner suggested by our Privacy policy at

1. Collecting and using your personal information

Podravka respects your privacy and it processes your personal information honestly and legally.

Your consent. We process your personal information only based on your consent, provided voluntarily and knowingly with express declaration that personal information you revealed to us by registering and using web site be processed with the purpose determined by this Privacy policy. Your consent will be asked upon completing an appropriate form available at

Without consent, personal information can be collected and processed in cases determined by law.

Personal information processing. We save the collected personal information in electronic form, and in order to protect them we use appropriate technical, organizational and personnel activities and procedures of personal data protection in order to prevent personal data, not available to other users, from being accessed by unauthorized persons and to ensure that they are being used compliant to the purpose of their processing.

Polls and questionnaires. We occasionally carry out polls, researches and questionnaires on our web site. The information collected in these polls and questionnaires we consider confidential and we use them exclusively for Podravka's needs. Exclusive summary results of such polls and questionnaires, i.e. researches, we are permitted to use for public relation purposes and share them with you at

Promotions and prize winning games. At we organize various prize winning games and other competitions. Personal information processed in this manner will be used only to carry out the prize winning game, or competition (for instance to get in touch with you in case you win, to deliver the prize, and so on). By taking part in prize winning game/competition, we consider that you consented that we deliver your personal information to a third party, our partners/related companies and others necessary to carry out this prize winning game/competition. Your information is saved in a database with personal information of all registered users, or until you ask they be deleted.

E-mails. If you send us an e-mail containing your personal information that can be used to identify you, regardless of whether it is an e-mail with a question or a comment, we use this information only with the purpose of complying to your request. Your e-mail or a form will be forwarded to a third person, to other Podravka employees or suppliers, so that we may answer your question, i.e. to comply with your request.

2. Deletion and your access to personal information

Saving personal information. Personal information you made available to us upon registration will be saved for as long exists, i.e. as long as your registration exists. After that your personal information will be deleted unless you allow us to further keep your personal information.

Your access to personal information. You are authorized at any time to ask for a notice which personal information we have saved in our registered users' database, and to ask to change or delete all or some of your personal information. You can send a notice with your request to our Editorship at  Should you make any such request, we will invest all reasonable efforts to confirm your identity and prevent unauthorised processing of your personal information.

3. Personal information of other users

Depending on the contents and the functionality you use, we may ask you for certain personal information about another person, in order to be able to determine that functionality (for instance sending e-cards, where you will state the name and e-mail of a person you are sending the card to). This personal information will not be processed except for as much it is necessary to determine the functionality you are using. This personal information will not be given to third persons unless this is required pursuant to law. Personal information delivered to us this way will be deleted as soon as the functionality you were using is determined (for instance, after you send an e-card). 

4. Submitting personal information to other recipients

Your personal information will not be submitted to other recipients unless you authorize us to do that. However, when this is necessary in order to determine some functionality, a content or a service at (for instance a prize winning game), we consider that by your consenting to the contents in question, you agree your personal information be submitted to our partners/related companies necessary in determining this functionality (for instance a prize winning game/competition to take place). We will make sure our partners/related companies process your personal information in a manner subject to this Privacy policy at

5. Privacy policy by other web sites/third persons or third parties

At you will find links to other web sites or portals. Privacy policy on these portals may differ than the rules on Also, on you will find various prize winning games and promotions of products or services produced by our partners, i.e. entrepreneurs advertisers. Such third parties may use certain personal data for their own needs. In such cases when you submit your personal information to those third parties or to other portals, Terms of use or Privacy policy at do not apply.

Our site offers social networks features which enable you to share your personal information on social networks. We therefore kindly ask you to familiarize yourself with the rules of personal data protection applied on other portals or social networks, i.e. by third persons.

6. Disclaimer

Although we take appropriate technical, organizational and personnel activities of personal data protection in order to prevent accidental or intentional misuse, destruction, loss, unauthorized change or access, we cannot guarantee that some of the collected personal data will not ever be revealed accidentally, contrary to provisions of this Privacy policy.

To the greatest extent permitted by law, we exclude the responsibility for damages caused to users or third persons by accidental revealing of personal data.

Considering we have no control over personal data you submit upon accessing or using other portals, particularly directly to third persons (for instance upon participating in sponsorship activities), to the greatest extent permitted by law we exclude the responsibility for damage that may be caused to you or third parties due to submitting personal information in this manner.

7. Server statistics

Our World Wide Web server uses statistical software. Such programs are a standard feature of all web servers and are not specific only to Such statistical programs enable us to determine which information is of most or least interest to our users. Such programs are necessary in order to improve the efficiency of the structure of our site and measure traffic coming to

8. Data safety

For security of information at, and to ensure that contents, functionalities and services of be available to all users, this computer system uses software which monitors online visits to the network and recognises unauthorised attempts of uploading or changing the information, as well as those attempts that might cause damage in some other way. Unauthorised attempts to upload or change data at are strictly forbidden.


We reserve the right to use cookies at

What are cookies? Cookies represent a set of data to be used as your personal anonymous individual identifier, in a way that an individual page at you visit sends to your browser.

The purpose of cookies. When you visit individual pages at, we send you cookies that are saved on your computer and serve to record information on your previous visits (for instance, how many times you accessed This means that upon your next visit to we will look for your cookie in order to read data written in it. A cookie does not contain your personal data, but it enables faster and more efficient activation of information, data and settings which you previously communicated upon visiting and using Our cookies on your computer cannot be accessed by any other web site that is not a part of

Disabling cookies. You are authorised to disable receiving cookies by by selecting this option in Tools/Options in your browser.

9. Protection of children's privacy on

Communicating directly with children over the Internet, we are aware of the specific problems concerning the protection of their privacy. Our websites, which might attract children, and possibly collect personal information on children under 14, are designed in such a way so as to protect their rights and privacy to the greatest possible extent.  Therefore, in this regard, we:

DO NOT process personal information which could be used to contact children over the Internet, except in cases of promotional online games. Any such online contact information shall be used only to respond directly to a child's request and will not be used for any other purpose without prior parental consent;

DO NOT process personal identifying offline contact information, other than for the purpose of awarding prizes;

DO NOT disclose any personal identifying information to third parties. Of course, we do organise and present competitions on our website that might attract children. Information collected in prize winning games we do not use for any other purpose, except to conclude the game and we do not share this information with anyone else outside Podravka (exception be the aforementioned suppliers).

DO NOT allow children to publicly post or otherwise distribute their personal identifying contact information or other supplied materials, and as far as competition participation goes, we do not encourage children to divulge any more information than necessary for entering competitions or similar activities.

We may permit a child to send us e-mails or to send e-mails to a friend through our site, in the form of an e-card. In this case, we will reply to or forward the e-mail, depending on the situation, but we shall not store names, addresses or e-mail messages in our operating database, nor shall we disclose this information to third parties.

As a parent or a guardian, you have the right to request to see all the information about your child which we have received on our website, you can request that the information be deleted (if the information is still stored in our database), and/or bar us from further collection and use of the information about your child. If you are a parent and wish to exercise this right, please contact us at:


You may at any time request to see all the personal information we may have received from you. You may request to have the information updated, corrected or deleted (if the information is still stored in our databases), or prevent this information from being used further. If you wish to exercise this right, please contact us at


We do everything in our power to ensure that all the links to other sites offered on our website take you and/or your child to quality web pages that do not promote any negativity. However, as the websites and addresses on the Internet change rapidly, we cannot always vouch for the quality of the contents of all the web pages for which we provide a link.

For any questions or doubts concerning Privacy policy, or regarding your experience concerning this website, please contact us:

Privacy policy changes and termination at

Podravka d.d. reserves the right to change or at any moment terminate all or any part of this web site or Privacy policy at The changes become effective the moment they are published on this site or when users are informed about them. Privacy policy applies to the moment it is terminated either by you or by Podravka d.d. Your termination, which is possible at any moment, means you stopped using this site and all materials and contents downloaded or used from this web site are cancelled.

For any enquiries for Australia, please contact: or Freecall (Aust only) 1800 834 382.


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